Amateur snaps from the amateur snapper

  • Wellington Sevens 2015
  • 2013 Wellington Hertz Sevens Rugby Parade
  • 2012 Johnsonville Christmas Fair
  • Johnsonville Christmas Parade 2011
  • Gollum at Wellington Airport
  • Wellington Civic Square Photo Walk 2010
  • All Blacks Victory Parade in Wellington
  • Panning experiment


2015 Wellington Sevens

It’s Rugby Sevens season in Wellington once again and here are my snaps! ‘Hope you like them!


2013 Wellington Hertz Sevens

It’s Rugby Sevens season in Wellington once again and here are my snaps! ‘Hope you like them!

2012 Wellington Santa Parade

Here are some of my amateur snaps of the 2012 Wellington Santa Parade last Sunday, 9th of December 2012.


2012 Johnsonville Christmas Parade and Fair

Johnsonville, Wellington plays host to this annual pre-Christmas family treat.  Highlighting the event is the fair and the parade.

It’s been a tradition for my family to attend this event since we migrated here in New Zealand.  I’ve taken a few snaps of this year’s event and I hope you’d like them.

Wellington Christmas Parades 2011

Here are my snaps of last year’s Christmas Parades in Wellington.  There is a number of parades of this kind all over the Wellington Region.  Wellingon CBDs is the biggest in the region.  Family’s from all over Wellington beelines to the CBD for a good view. This iconic parade displays colorful floats for the kids and kids at heart to enjoy.

I was able to get snaps of the Wellington CBD and Johnsonville Christmas Parades last year.  I hope to get a good view this year and I’m hopeful that I can improve on my outputs for this year.

Hobbit Mania


The Hobbit is a fantasy-adventure film based on J.R.R Tolkien’s novel The Hobbit.   The epic movie has a special place in the heart of the Kiwis as it was produced and directed by NZs very own, Peter Jackson.  Wellington will host the World premiere of the movie and promotes it through installations of familiar characters from the movie.

I was able to take some snaps and I will add more as the premiere draws near.


In And Around The Wellington Civic Square

This is my first photo walk.  I started my short walk from the Wellington library and finished at the waterfront.


Civic Square is an open public area at the centre of Wellington, New Zealand. It marks the boundary between the financial district to the north and the entertainment district to the south (courtesy of wikipedia).

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